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This Juniper JNCIP-SP JN0-662 study guide is designed for information technology (IT) professionals who work in the complex computing environment of medium-sized to large companies and who also plan to take the Juniper JN0-662 exam. We assume that before you begin using Juniper JNCIP-SP JN0-662 study guide, you have a basic understanding of Windows server operating systems and common Internet technologies.
Share some JNCIP-SP JN0-662 exam questions and answers below.
Which two types of LSAs have a domain scope? (Choose two.)
A. Type 7
B. Type 2
C. Type 10
D. Type 5
Answer: C,D

You want to use IS-IS on a GRE interface where the underlying Layer 3 MTU is 1500.
Which statement is correct in this scenario?
A. IS-IS can be used because every IS-IS interface must be capable of transmitting packets at least as large as 1476 bytes, and the GRE header is 24 bytes.
B. IS IS can be used, but the networking device directly attached to the circuit must be capable of fragmentation.
C. IS-IS cannot be used, but the router can enable a GRE key that serves the same function as IS-IS.
D. IS-IS cannot be used because the IS-IS hello is not allowed to be fragmented and has the DF bit set.
Answer: B

Which statement is correct regarding BGP route reflectors?
A. The route reflectors must have a private AS number.
B. The route reflectors must have an EBGP peering session between each other.
C. The route reflectors must have a cluster ID configured.
D. The route reflectors must have a different AS number than the clients.
Answer: C

You are asked to configure a new Layer 3 VPN.
In this scenario, which routing-instance type must be used?
A. vpls
B. evpn
C. vrf
D. 12vpn
Answer: C

In a carrier-of-carrier VPN model, which type of network layer reachability information is used for the MP-BGP signaling between CE and PE routers?
A. flow
B. labeled-unicast
C. unicast
D. inet-vpn
Answer: D

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