[2018 Update] Huawei HCNP-Storage Certification H13-621 practice exam

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Share some HCNP-Storage H13-621-ENU exam questions and answers below.
About Huawei OceanStor V3 Smart Migration LUN information exchange, which of the following description is correct? (Multiple Choice)
A. before and after the exchange of LUN information, LUN ID of source LUN remains unchanged.
B. When the exchange of LUN information, needed to discontinue the operations.
C. before and after the exchange of LUN information, data volume ID of source LUN will change.
D. after the exchange of LUN information, the host will send data read and write request to LUN ID of target LUN.
Answer: AC

In OceanStor V3, after creating a snapshot of a LUN (only one snapshot), in the period of LUN has no data update, which of the following statement is not correct? (Multiple Choice)
A. During this time, no data is written to the shared COW space.
B. COW data spatial metadata area pointer value will point to the source LUN data area.
C. data Volume area in snapshot volume has no data.
D. meta Volume area pointer value in snapshot volume point to the source LUN data area.
Answer: BD

Which of the following components do not belong to FC SAN network hardware?
A. HBA card
B. switches
C. storage device
D. server mainboard
Answer: D

install multipath in Linux platform, need to check the array information of multipath management, which command can be used to? ?
A. upadm chconfig
B. upadm show path
C. upadm show array
D. upadm show vluns
Answer: C

About the storage array, which LUN copy function is true? (Select two Answers)
A. when create LUN copy, you can use one virtual snapshot of LUN as the source of LUN
B. when create increment LUN copy, you can use external array as the source of LUN
C. when create full capacity of LUN copy, the source of LUN and target of LUN can’t be located in the external array at the same time
D. multiple LUN copy can share same target of LUN
Answer: A,C

Which of the following description about Huawei OceanStor V3 SmartCache pool is wrong?
A. In storage system, each engine is corresponding to a SmartCache pool.
B. On SmartCache, system on each engine default generates a default SmartCache partition.
C. is responsible for providing fine-grained (4KB ~ 128KB) SSD cache resources for the operations.
D. is responsible for managing the SSD disk, and providing coarse-grained resource allocation and recovery for SmartCache partition.
Answer: A

Among database, Email, WEB applications and other critical business applications, which type of hard disk is advised to choose? (Select 2 Answers)
A. IDE hard disk
B. SATA hard disk
C. FC hard drive
D. SSD hard drive
Answer: C,D

What are the common networking methods in SAN practical applications? (Select 2 Answers)
Answer: A,B

On the storage array products, which of the following conditions will lead to LUN write policy change to write through (Select 3 Answers)
A. management interface failure
B. fan failure
C. BBU failure
D. controller failure
Answer: B,C,D

Which of the following does not be included in the main function of the multi-path software?
A. Load Balancing
B. Failover and Failback
C. data encryption
D. shield redundant disks
Answer: C

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