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Share some APDS 3171T exam questions and answers below.
What are the three aspects of the enterprise’s Tema Engagement requirements and solutions? (Please Select Three)
A. The realization of growth
B. Employee and team productivity
C. Communication optimization
D. Implementation of call center
E. Optimization of Fabric Networking
F. Network virtualization
Answer: ABC

You are designing a scenario that requires Avaya Aura and Microsoft systems to share internal status. Which of the following products must be included in your program? (Please Select Three)
A. Avaya Aura System Manager
B. Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services (AES)
C. Avaya Aura Presence Services
D. Microsoft OCS/Lync
E. Avaya Agile Communication Environment (ACE)
F. Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise
Answer: ACD

What are the standard protocols for Avaya Aura Presence Services? (Please Select Two)
E. H.323
Answer: CD

In addition to requiring Named User permission for each user, what must the EDP solution follow in the presence or absence of Avaya Aura Media Server (AAMS)? (Please choose two options)
A. Only one master node in each cluster requires a Server license
B. If AAMS is HA deployment, and then both AAMS and EDP are HA
C. If AAMS is HA deployment, and then AAMS or EDP can be HA
D. AAMS and EDP can be used by all snap-in or other Avaya solutions
E. CapEx-oriented Named User License and OpEx-oriented Named User cannot be mixed in the same solution
Answer: BE

The Engagement Development Platform (EDP) offers a 90-day trial option. This allows the client/partner to take advantage of this platform on non-production systems. In addition to 50 named user licenses, what are there in the trial package?
A. 1 EDP server license, 1 Avaya Aura Media Server license
B. 1 EDP server license with HA, 1 Avaya Aura Media Server license with HA
C. 1 EDP server license, 1 Avaya Aura Media Server license, plus an optional Avaya Snap-in
D. 1 EDP server license, 1 Avaya Aura Media Server license, plus Engagement Designer optional Snap-in
Answer: A

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