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Share some EMC Certification E20-385 exam questions and answers below.
In an EMC Data Domain environment, which path location is the default directory for deduplicated data?
A. /ddvar
B. /data/col1
C. /data/col1/backup
D. /data
Answer: C

What is a characteristic of data movement to the Retention tier?
A. Process cannot be stopped or restarted
B. Process runs continuously in the background
C. Process runs periodically, subject to throttle
D. Only “ready target” unit receives/resends tiered data
Answer: C

When logging into an EMC Data Domain system during an initial installation, which connection type must be used?
A. Telnet
B. Serial Console
Answer: A

A customer is deploying EMC Data Domain systems in four data centers worldwide. The Data Domain systems will be using VTL. Each system will have a unique tape pool. The customer wants to replicate data to all sites. The data needs to be encrypted locally and then replicated to remote sites over the WAN.
What needs to be deployed to meet the customer’s requirements?
A. Encryption of Data at Rest and pool replication with encryption enabled
B. Encryption of Data at Rest and collection replication with encryption enabled
C. Collection replication with encryption enabled
D. Pool replication with encryption enabled
Answer: A

What are the states of the SAS LED connection status indicators at the back of an EMC Data Domain ES20?
A. White, solid green, flashing amber
B. Red, flashing green, solid green, amber
C. White, flashing green, solid green, amber
D. Flashing red, flashing green, solid green, amber
Answer: C

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