[H12-111 English Version] HCNA-IoT H12-111-ENU practice exam

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Share some HCNA-IoT H12-111-ENU exam questions and answers below.
In Huawei IOT Gateway Zigbee and 6LoWPAN technology, which of the following is the network structure?

A. Star type

B. point to point


D. Ring

Answer: C

What NEs can eLTE-IoT NMS manage? (Multiple choice)

A. Business Engine

B. IoT integrated base station

C. IoT module

D. CPE (User Access Terminal)

Answer: ABD

What is the English name of Internet of Things?

A. Internet of People

B. Internet of Theorys

C. Internet of Things

D. Internet of Vehicle

Answer: C

What protocol stack does Huawei LiteOS interconnect framework provide to achieve interoperability?




D. All above

Answer: D

What is the command to view all devices online status of AR502EGRc-Lc style gateway?

A. dis channel-type zigbee status

B. dis channel-type status

C. dis channel-type network status

D. dis channel-type rf status

Answer: D

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