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Share some HCNP-Security H12-723-ENU exam questions and answers below.
IPS custom signature in UTM supports you to set direction and protocol type.



Answer: A

IPS signature set priorities can not be adjusted.



Answer: B

URL filtering, according to the classification of the remote or local classification, the user can create multiple urls strategy, determines the corresponding processing action in URL strategies, a URL strategy was applied to the domain, which can realize the corresponding URL filtering.



Answer: A

Which of the following statement is wrong about NIP?

A. NIP compare the data packet and application knowledge base, identify specific data flow

B. NIP support for specific IP network segment, in a specific time period, for strategy processing

C. NIP using leading hardware architecture, FPGA realization of the application layer acceleration, ESP achieve forward acceleration

D. NIP Manager supports mail alarm response mode

Answer: C

Enterprise Intranet users access to the Internet, what may cause the UFL filtering function failure? (Select 3 answers)

A. no reference URL filtering strategy in Web filtering policy

B. no Web filtering strategy applied in the corresponding direction in inter-domain

B. the URL filtering strategy in the corresponding filter sub-function switch did not open

C. Web content filtering is not enabled

Answer: ABC

Which statement is wrong about SA principle configuration?

A. feature detection to identify the different applications by matching message feature and Knowledge Base feature set

B. reduce the maximum number of packets detection threshold, can reduce the sas module identification number of packets, thus improve the recognition rate agreement

C. There are some protocol packets are carried in other agreements, enable sa whole packet inspection can better detect such messages

D. Configure SA associated protocol identification is mainly used for the same data stream signaling channel and data channel associated with the identification , and thus identify protocol

Answer: B

What do the common virus behavior characteristics include?(select 3 answers)

A. Download and backdoor characteristics

B. Information Collection feature

C. own hidden feature

D. system attacks characteristics

Answer: ABC

When using the misuse of inspection technology, normal user behavior and invasion characteristics knowledge base match successfully will be false positives.



Answer: A

About the anti-spam local black and white list, which of the following statements is wrong?

A. created manually by the user on the USG

B. black and white list is matched by the sender’s DNS suffix

C. black and white list is by extracting the source IP address of the SMTP connection to match

D. if the source IP address of the SMTP connection matches the blacklist, blocking the connection

Answer: B

Which of the following statement is correct IDS and IPS?

A. IDS only supports Inline online deployment

B. IPS deployed as a bypass mode is similar to the function of ID

C. the core technology of IPS is deep packet inspection and bypass inspection

D. With the IPS does not need to deploy a firewall and IDS

Answer: B

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