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You have optimized four models that do not meet your performance goals. You believe that by mergingthese models together you would achieve better performance.

Which node would allow you to accomplish this task?

A. Aggregate node

B. Reclassify node

C. Regression node

D. Ensemble node

Answer: D

You have a large amount of data from which you want to build a model. Although many of the

records of data are complete, there are substantial amounts of records which contain missing data. The records containing incomplete information should be excluded from analysis.

Which node will exclude the undesired records?

A. Filler node

B. Filter node

C. Select node

D. Aggregate node

Answer: B

You have a data set with numeric fields (columns) that contain null values. You want to replace each of these null values with the value of zero.

Which node will you use to accomplish this task?

A. Type node

B. Filler node

C. Filter node

D. Binning node

Answer: B

You want to calculate the difference between the minimum and maximum values of some of your data fields.

Which feature or mode of the Aggregate node would allow you to calculate this using a single node?

A. Aggregate expressions

B. Median mode

C. Default mode

D. Key field grouping

Answer: A

You have a data source which provides many fields needed for data scoring. Some of these fields are not needed after the scoring is complete for the rest of the stream to operate.

Which node should be used to remove these fields?

A. Filter node

B. Select node

C. Sample Node

D. Type node

Answer: A

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