IBM Sales Mastery M2070-740 exam dumps

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Share some Sales Mastery M2070-740 exam questions and answers below.
Which of these are common use cases for OnDemand?

A.Customer Service, eBPP and back office reports

B.Case Management or Advanced Case Management

C.Active data, check in – check out

D.Scanning paper documents to start a workflow

Answer: A

Which IBM bundle comes with Content Navigator?

A.IBM Content Foundation

B.IBM Connections Content Manager

C.IBM Connections Enterprise Content Edition

D.A & C

Answer: A

Which is not a "Top of Mind" need for case interested executives?

A.Effectiveness of core LOB applications

B.Providing comprehensive visibility into process metrics, spend and customer satisfaction

C.Increasing IT spending

D.Adhering to regulatory compliance and maintaining proper controls and records

Answer: C

What percentage of CIOs is making plans to focus on mobility?





Answer: A

Which of the following would most likely appeal to the Legal role/staff within an organization?





Answer: B

Which is a key benefit of the Legacy Data Cleanup Solution?

A.Identifies sensitive or toxic content

B.Archives data according to its value

C.Maintains a data map of the organization

D.Is a DoD 5015.2 certified records repository

Answer: A

IBM Case Manager includes key differentiators across the competition including:

A.Based on an industry leading BRMS (business rules) platform

B.Rapid time-to-value with template support and a LOB based design environment

C.Based on an industry leading collaboration platform

D.All of the above

Answer: B

When talking to a customer to see if Content Manager OnDemand is a good fit, what question should be asked first?

A.Do your Customer Service Reps (CSRs) need workflow to respond to customers?

B.How do CSRs access all information necessary to respond to customer questions?

C.How do CSRs do scanning of documents today?

D.Do your CSRs need Case Management?

Answer: B

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