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Share some CompTIA CASP CAS-003 exam questions and answers below.
A web developer has implemented HTML5 optimizations into a legacy web application. One of the modifications the web developer made was the following client side optimization:
localStorage.setItem(“session-cookie”, document.cookie);
Which of the following should the security engineer recommend?
A. SessionStorage should be used so authorized cookies expire after the session ends
B. Cookies should be marked as “secure” and “HttpOnly”
C. Cookies should be scoped to a relevant domain/path
D. Client-side cookies should be replaced by server-side mechanisms
Answer: C

A deployment manager is working with a software development group to assess the security of a new version of the organization’s internally developed ERP tool. The organization prefers to not perform assessment activities following deployment, instead focusing on assessing security throughout the life cycle. Which of the following methods would BEST assess the security of the product?
A. Static code analysis in the IDE environment
B. Penetration testing of the UAT environment
C. Vulnerability scanning of the production environment
D. Penetration testing of the production environment
E. Peer review prior to unit testing
Answer: C

A security controls assessor intends to perform a holistic configuration compliance test of networked assets. The assessor has been handed a package of definitions provided in XML format, and many of the files have two common tags within them: “
” and “”. Which of the following tools BEST supports the use of these definitions?
A. HTTP interceptor
B. Static code analyzer
C. SCAP scanner
D. XML fuzzer
Answer: D

An engineer maintains a corporate-owned mobility infrastructure, and the organization requires that all web browsing using corporate-owned resources be monitored. Which of the following would allow the organization to meet its requirement? (Choose two.)
A. Exempt mobile devices from the requirement, as this will lead to privacy violations
B. Configure the devices to use an always-on IPSec VPN
C. Configure all management traffic to be tunneled into the enterprise via TLS
D. Implement a VDI solution and deploy supporting client apps to devices
E. Restrict application permissions to establish only HTTPS connections outside of the enterprise boundary
Answer: B,E

Legal authorities notify a company that its network has been compromised for the second time in two years. The investigation shows the attackers were able to use the same vulnerability on different systems in both attacks. Which of the following would have allowed the security team to use historical information to protect against the second attack?
A. Key risk indicators
B. Lessons learned
C. Recovery point objectives
D. Tabletop exercise
Answer: A

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