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Share some Cloud Architect E05-001 exam questions and answers below.
Which product provides an integrated IT infrastructure solution for data center deployment by combining IT resources into a single package?
A. VCE Vblock
D. VMware vCloud
Answer: A

Which cloud computing characteristic enables multi-tenancy and abstracts the location of provided resources?
A. Resource pooling
B. Measured service
C. Rapid elasticity
D. Broad network access
Answer: A

What is an accurate statement about a hybrid cloud?
A. Supports data and application portability for load balancing between clouds
B. Allows organizations with common concerns to share the cost of deploying the cloud
C. Enables the entire cloud infrastructure to be controlled by the consumer’s IT staff
D. Allows an organization to outsource the implementation of a private cloud to a cloud provider
Answer: A

What is a function of the orchestration layer in a data center infrastructure?
A. Provides workflows for automated execution of management tasks
B. Aggregates physical infrastructure components into resource pools
C. Measures the consumption of IT resources by various services
D. Decouples an operating environment from the underlying hardware
Answer: A

What is a benefit of application virtualization?
A. Avoids conflicts between different versions of the same application
B. Enables an application to directly access a LUN on a storage system
C. Runs applications without requiring the use of cache memory
D. Presents more memory to an application than is physically available
Answer: A

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