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Share some Network Security Expert Program NSE5 exam questions and answers below.
Which two statements are correct regarding synchronization between primary and secondary devices in a FortManager HA duster? (Choose two) The service access settings for a FotiManger network interface relate to which product feature? 

A. Device Manger 

B. Policy & Objects 

C. FortiGuard 

D. FortiView 

Answer: B 

Which two statements are correct regarding FortiGuard features on FortiManager?(Choose two) 

A. FortiManager can function as a local FortiGuard Distribution Server (FDS). 

B. In FortiManger HA only master FortiManager can act as an FDS server. 

C. When FortiManager is configured for closed network operation, it can connect to public FDS servers to obtain managed device information and sync packages. 

D. FortiGuard information is not synchronized across a FortiManager cluster. 

Answer: AC 

When configuring FortiGuard on FortiManger. 

Which two statements are correct regarding Allow Push Update settings configured in the FortiGuard. Antivirus and IPS Settings? (Choose two) 

A. If an urgent or critical FortiGuard Antivirus and/or IPS update becomes available, the FortiManger bult-in FDS will send push update notifications to each managed device. 

B. If an urgent or critical FortiGuard Antivirus and/or IPS update becomes available, the FortiManger bult-in FDS will send push update notifications. 

C. FortiManager¡¯s built-in FDS service may not correctly receive push updates if the external facing IP address of any intermediary NAT device is dynamic. 

D. FortiManager¡¯s built-in FDS service does not allow an administrator to override the default FortiManger IP address and port used by the FDN to send update messages. 

Answer: BD 

Which of the following methods is best suited to changing device level settings on existing and future managed FortiGate devices? 

A. Configure each managed FortiGate device and install. 

B. Configure using provisioning templates and install. 

C. Configure using CLI-only objects and install. 

D. Configure a script for these settings and install. 

Answer: A 

What are the limitations when creating a chart using the Custom Chart wizard? (Choose two) 

A. You cannot search multiple log types (for example, $log-traffic, $log-webfilter). 

B. You cannot select the format of the data ¨C all charts are table charts by default. 

C. You can only create custom charts within the root ADOM only. 

D. You can only select from two variable charts. 

Answer: AB 

What are the main management wizard used in Device Manager? 

A. Add Device, Provisioning Templates, and View Installation. 

B. Add Device, Install Wizard, and Import Policy 

C. Script, Configuring CLI-Objects, and Re-install Policy 

D. View Installation, Import Policy, and Script 

Answer: D 

FortiAnalyzer centralizes which functions? (Choose three) 

A. Network analysis 

B. Graphical reporting 

C. Content archiving / data mining 

D. Vulnerability assessment 

E. Security log analysis / forensics 

Answer: ABD

Which two statements describe a “modified” device settings’ status in the Configuration and Installation Status widget of a managed FortiGate device? 

A. Configuration changes were made directly on the managed device, 

B. Configuration changes were made from Device Imager for a managed FortiGate e device. 

C. Confutation changes were instated to a managed FortiGate device. 

D. Confutation changes in Device Manager no longer math the latest revision in the device’s revision history. 

Answer: B

What effect do administrative domains (ADCMs) have on report settings? (Choose two) 

A. Hone. ADOMs cannot be used with reports. 

B. Reports must be configured with (her own ADOM. 

C. Chart Library, Macro Library, Dataset Library, and Output Profile become ADOM- specific. 

D. Dataset Library becomes global for al ADOMs. 

Answer: AB

What s the purpose of locking an ADOM revision? 

A. To prevent further changes from Device Manager, 

B. To disable revision history. 

C. To prevent auto deletion. 

D. To lock the Policy and Objects tab. 

Answer: AAnswer: BD

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