[Passcert] H12-111-ENU HCNA-IoT exam questions and answers

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Share some HCNA-IoT H12-111 exam questions and answers below.
The southbound device sends an AT command to SoftRadio through the serial port. As a result, SoftRadio does not display any information. What are possible causes? (Multiple choice)
A. SoftRadio received an unrecognized AT command
B. There is a problem with the southbound connection to P ‘and SoftRadio did not receive the data
C. The AT command which has been sent did not end with /r/n
D. All of the above is possible
Answer: BC

Smart home network includes the basic home network and smart Internet.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Wired copy meter, what is the lowest cost on the wiring?
A. M-bus
B. RS-485
C. ZigBee
D. RS232
Answer: A

Which of the following standard is used by Huawei IoT gateway 6LoWPAN physical layer technology?
A. IEC104
B. IEEE 802.15.4
C. IEC103
D. IEEE 802.15.1
Answer: B

Which command is used to add whitelist by AR502EGRc-Lc model gateway?
A. zigbee-network permit-join whitelist longid
B. rf-network permit-join whitelist longid
C. hiplc-network permit-join whitelist longid
D. network permit-join whitelist longid
Answer: B

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