[Passcert] HCNP-BCAN (Carrier IP) H31-121 dumps

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Share some HCNP H31-121-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Spanning Tree Protocol transmits configured information by sending BPDU packets each other.
Answer: A

PPP frame’s protocol field is used for indicating the type of protocol used by the information domain, which of the following value is used to represent the information domain is a LCP packet?
A. 0x0021
B. 0x8021
C. 0xc021
D. 0x8863
Answer: C

On a local area network, received a radius packets via sniffer, and found this packet’s code field value is 1, indicating that this is a ( ) packet.
A. Request authentication
B. authentication rejected
C. Request charging
D. Request rejected
Answer: A

Huawei device supports QinQ’s TPID value adjustable for interoperability with other vendors’ equipment.
Answer: A

PPP provides () authentication protocol, and therefore more secure than HDLC. (Select two answers)
B. MD5
Answer: AC

Which of the following description about protection VLAN and control VLAN in the procedure of RRPP configuration is wrong?
A. Each ring needs to define a control VLAN
B. control VLAN must be created in advance
C. control VLAN must be contained within the protection VLAN
D. do not need to manually create the sub control VLAN
Answer: B

Ethernet switch port A is configured to 10/100M auto-negotiation working status, connect to 10M half-duplex card, what is working status of port A after the completion of the auto-negotiation process?
A.10M half-duplex
B.10M full-duplex
C.100M half-duplex
D.100M full duplex
Answer: A

Ethernet Switch Cut-through mode, the switch receives the first 64 bytes of a frame begins forwarding the frame.
Answer: B

ME60-X16 product has no AC power supply module.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

In PPP frame, address field’s value is fixed to ( ).
A. 0x00
B. 0xFF
C. 0x7E
D. 0x03
Answer: B

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