[Passcert] HCNP-WLAN certification H12-321 dumps

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Share some HCNP-WLAN H12-321 exam questions and answers below.
On a WLAN with the WIDS function enabled, which of the following devices will NOT trigger rogue device alarms after they are identified as rogue devices? (Multiple Choice)
B. Ad-hoc
C. Wireless bridge
Answer: BCD

The zone surrounding the line of sight (LOS) is called the Fresnel zone, which is also called the RF LOS.
Answer: A

Which of the following statements about APs and STAs are TRUE during an active/standby switchover in dual-link HSB mode? (Multiple Choice)
A. APs do not need to go online again.
B. APs need to go online again.
C. STAs do not need to go online again.
D. STAs need to go online again.
Answer: AC

Which role does the Agile Controller serve in wireless access authentication?
A. AD server
B. LDAP server
C. RADIUS server
D. DNS server
Answer: C

Which of the following STAs does MAC address authentication suit the most?
A. Office PC running a Windows OS
B. Testing PC running a Linux system
C. Mobile terminal, such as a smartphone
D. Network printer
Answer: D

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