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Share some LPIC-2 201-450 questions and answers below:

In capacity planning exercises, which tools assist in listing and identifying processes of interest? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
A. acpid
B. lsof
C. pstree
D. telinit
Answer: B, C

Which commands below are useful to collect data about remote filesystem connections? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
A. pidstat
B. nfsiostat
C. sadf
D. cifsiostat
Answer: B, D

In the following output, the load averages represent the system load averages for what time frames?
 12:10:05 up 18 days, 19:00,  2 users,  load average: 0.47, 24.71, 35.31
A. 1, 5 and 15 minutes
B. 1, 15 and 30 minutes
C. 1, 15, and 30 seconds
D. 15, 30 and 60 minutes
E. 15, 30 and 60 seconds
Answer: A

When planning a web server which of the following choices will impact system sizing? (Choose THREE correct answers.)
A. How many concurrent users are expected.
B. Which hardware vendor has better Linux support.
C. What type of content will be served.
D. What scripting languages will the web server support.
E. Will the OS install be CD, DVD or network based.
Answer: A, C, D

What mechanism does collectd use to gather monitoring information on systems?
A. It uses a library of plugins.
B. A master server connects to a collectd service on each machine to retrieve the information.
C. It collects its own information on each server and sends that to a master server.
D. It makes SNMP queries to the clients being monitored.
Answer: A

Which of the following tools are used to measure memory usage? (Choose THREE correct answers.)
A. mpstat
B. pstree
C. sar
D. top
E. vmstat
Answer: C, D, E

Which of the following is a side effect of extensive usage of swap space?
A. The root filesystem may become full because swap space is always located on the system root partition.
B. The overall system performance may degrade because of heavy hard disk use and memory reorganization.
C. Since processes always exist completely in either RAM or swap, regular RAM may become unused if the kernel does not move processes back from the swap space to memory.
D. The memory may become fragmented and slow down the access to memory pages. However, this can be kept to a minimum by the regular use of memfrag -d.
E. Applications need to restart because their virtual memory addresses change to reflect memory relocation to the swap address area.
Answer: B

Which of the following commands will provide the PIDs of the processes sorted by which are using the most CPU cycles on the Linux system?
A. top
B. uptime
C. ps aux
D. vmstat
E. freemem
Answer: A

Which command will report information on memory usage, paging and block input/output?
A. free
B. memshow
C. ps
D. top
E. vmstat
Answer: E

When is historical data of resource usage important? (Select THREE correct answers.)
A. Predicting when resources will need to be increased.
B. Selecting a computer vendor.
C. Identifying processes killed during out of memory occurrences.
D. Diagnosing capacity problems.
E. Troubleshooting a software problem.
Answer: A, D, E

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