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Share some IBM Certified Administrator C9060-528 exam questions and answers below.
What are the steps to review the client logs for a particular node from the Operations Center using the client management services?
A. On the Operations Center menu bar, click Clients. From the list of nodes obtained, double click the appropriate client node and select Diagnosis.
B. On the Operations Center menu bar, click Diagnosis. Then look for the appropriate to review the logs.
C. On the operations Center menu bar, click Diagnosis. Then click Clients and then double click the appropriate client node name.
D. On the OperationsCenter menu bar, click Clients. Then select Diagnosis.
Answer: A

To specify the node name for the NAS file server when processing NAS file systems, use the NASNODENAME option on the command line, or place in which file?
A. Include/exclude list
B. Server options file
C. Client options file
D. Backup copy group
Answer: C

Which component will need to be updated to adjust the retention policy for a set of backup clients?
A. the copy group
B. the policy set
C. the management class
D. the policy domain
Answer: A

Which file must be edited to configure Disaster Recovery Manager?
Answer: B

A large filesystem will be restored. Backup data is spread across one hundred tapes and all four tape drives are currently used. What can be done to optimize the restore process?
A. update the client to use more mount points for the restore
B. tune the client option, resource utilization
C. set up more parallel restore sessions
D. use MOVE NODEDATA to consolidate data on a disk pool
Answer: A

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